Ashes Against the Grain

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Ashes Against the Grain Sestava kapely
John Haughm − vocals, guitar, drums (ex-Sculptured, ex-Nothing, ex-Uncomposing, ex-Pessimyst)
Don Anderson − guitar (Sculptured, Nothing, ex-Darling, ex-Necropolis)
Jason William Walton − bass guitar (Especially Likely Sloth, ex-Subterranean Masquerade, Sculptured, Nothing, ex-Susurrus Inanis)
Aesop Dekker − drums (Ludicra, Worm Ouroboros)

Limbs (09:51)
Falling Snow (09:39)
This White Mountain on Which You Will Die (01:39)
Fire Above, Ice Below (10:29)
Not Unlike the Waves (09:16)
Our Fortress Is Burning... I (05:26)
Our Fortress Is Burning... II: Bloodbirds (06:21)
Our Fortress Is Burning... III: The Grain (07:10)

Datum vydání: 11.srpen 2006

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Design/Illustration: John Haughm
Photography: Veleda Thorsson
Mastering: Ronn Chick

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