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Power Metal (later), Technical Death Metal (early)


1997, Helsinki

Současný label:



Ari Koivunen - Vocals (2008-)
Ben Varon - Guitars (1997-)
Valtteri Hirvonen - Guitars (2010-)
Pekka Johansson - Bass (2008-) (Causemos, General Winter (Fin), Nerlich, Night Must Fall)
Juhana "Juffi" Karlsson - Drums (1997-) (Elenium (Fin), Crystal Blaze, Shear)


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metal, hard rock
neuvedeno, 2011


Amoral was formed in 2000 by Ben Varon, Juhana Karlsson, and Silver Ots; their first vocalist was Matti Pitkänen, who was quickly replaced by Niko Kalliojärvi. Former band members also include Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow on bass. For some time before Sorvali joined Amoral, the band was without bass player, and Ots played bass on some of their demos. Amoral released two demos, Desolation and Other Flesh, with varying line-ups, and played some minor gigs before releasing their first full-length album.

Amoral signed with Rage of Achilles Records and released their first album, Wound Creations, in 2004. After the bankruptcy of Rage of Achilles Amoral was picked up by Spikefarm, a division of Spinefarm Records, a major Finnish rock and heavy metal record label with whom they re-released Wound Creations and added a bonus track ("Metamorphosis" from an early demo) to mark the new release version. The album has received predominantly positive reviews from metal magazines and webzines around Finland and Europe, and Amoral played numerous gigs following the release and thenceforth. Their rise from the underground metal scene was further marked by a month-long European tour with renowned metal bands Finntroll and Naglfar, and their inclusion in Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2005, Finland's most important heavy metal festival.

Soon after the 2005 European tour, Amoral returned to the studio to record their second album, Decrowning. The album was released in Finland and several other countries in October 2005 and in Japan and the United States in March 2006. A music video has been shot for the song "Lacrimal Gland." The band embarked on a second European tour in the spring of 2006. The 37-date tour was headlined by Dark Funeral and Naglfar, and supported by Amoral, Endstille, and Asmodeus. Amoral has since played a showcase gig in Japan and a mini-tour in Italy.

Amoral's third album was first announced on their website in early July 2006. The album was recorded in Studio Sound Supreme in Hämeenlinna in early 2007, and it was released in August 2007. A video has already been shot for the opening track of the album, "Leave Your Dead Behind."

In July 2008 Amoral announced, that, vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi parted ways with the band, due to "motivation problems", This would lead to a drastical changue in Amoral music style, "this would be our chance to pursue in a more melodic direction, something we've wanted for a long time but weren't able to do with Niko." they stated

In November 2008. the Finnish Idols winner Ari Koivunen will join the band as vocalist to record "Show Your Colors"which was released May 6th 2009

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