Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Sestava
Rudymental - Bass
Luck Az - Guitars
LGD - Guitars
Pemmel - Drums
Kinnall - Vocals

01. Chapter 7
02. Karma's Revenge
03. Don't Lose the War
04. The Other 11° September
05. Planned Earthquake
06. Under the Streets
07. Waiting For the Call
08. The Punishment
09. The Book Of the Devil
10. So It Was
11. Thunder in The Thundra (THOR cover)

In the CD version there will be a bonus classic track from the 80s, the cover of "Thunder in the Tundra" originally played by THOR.

So on September 3rd "Chapter 7" will be reality, and with it the ANGUISH FORCE return, a must to have for all fans of Italian Metal at its highest expression!

Datum vydání: 03.září 2018

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Chapter 7, Anguish Force, heavy metal, power metal, thrash Metal