Hurricanes And Halos

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Hurricanes And Halos Sestava
Leif Edling: Bass
Jennie-Ann Smith: Vocals
Marcus Jidell: Guitar
Lars Sköld: Drums
Carl Westholm: Keyboards

01. Into The Fire / Into The Storm (4:14)
02. The Starless Sleep (4:47)
03. Road To Jerusalem (5:48)
04. Medusa Child (9:00)
05. The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea (5:25)
06. When Breath Turns To Air (4:46)
07. A Kiss (From The End Of The World) (7:14)
08. Hurricanes And Halos (3:32)

Datum vydání: 26.květen 2017

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produkce: Marcus Jidell
mix: David Castillo v Ghost Ward Studios
master: Jens Bogren
obal: Erik Rovamperä

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Avatarium, Leif Edling, doom metal, occult rock, dark rock, rock, Hurricanes And Halos