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1992, Växjö

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Adde Mitroulis aka "Smattro Ansjovis" - Drums, Vocals (Dethronement (Swe), Sayyadina, General Surgery, Jigsore Terror, Bacon Warriors, Entrails)
Achmed Abdulex - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joakim "Jocke" Svensson aka ''Panda Flamenco'' - Bass, Backing Vocals (Litania, Talion (Swe), Devilry (Swe), Entrails, Skogen (Swe))


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Mongo Musicale

Mongo Musicale

Night of ultimate mosh

Night of ultimate mosh

neuvedeno, 2002


Birdflesh started in October 1992 as a four piece band. One of the guitarplayers had to leave the band because it sounded like shit with two guitars. First demo was recorded in 1994 and the second was out in 1995. Did some shows in the hometown, rehearsed some, drank some beer and recorded the third demo, "Fishfucked", in 1997. The following years were pretty much the same. Did some shows, released some records and drank many beers. In September 1999 Birdflesh went on a Japan tour. Five shows were done. After the tour, Mutanga left the band. Moshbastard replaced him and released the Alive Autopsy LP in 2001 on his own label, Leather Rebel. Founding member Magnus Roos quit the band after moving to Stockholm and joined pop/rock band Melody Club after the release of Alive Autopsy.

The band released another album in 2002 "Night of the Ultimate Mosh", in 2006 album "Mongo Musicale" and their latest album in 2008 "The Farmers Wrath".

* Achmed Abdulex - guitar, backing vocals
* Barbro Havohej - bass, backing vocals
* Smattro Ansjovis - drums, vocals


* The Butcherbitchtape (1994)
* Demo of Hell (1995)
* Fishfucked (1997)
* We Were 7 Who 8 Our Neighbors on A Plate (1998)
* Killing Rosenkeller (2004)

* Trip To The Grave (1999)
* Carnage on the Fields of Rice (2002)

Studio Albums
* Alive Autopsy (2001)
* Night of the Ultimate Mosh (2002)
* Mongo Musicale (2006)
* The Farmers Wrath (2008)

Split Albums
* Misery of The Defenseless - Birdflesh / Carcass Grinder (1999)
* Birdflesh / Squash Bowels (1999)
* The Dead / Birdflesh (2001)
* Birdflesh / The Kill (2003)
* Embalming Theatre / Birdflesh (2004)
* Birdflesh / Catheter (2004)
* Splatterhouse / Birdflesh (2005)
* Birdflesh / Hatebeak (2007)

A free track can be downloaded at their offical website,

Origin : Växjö, Sweden

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