Dark Before Dawn

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Dark Before Dawn Sestava
Benjamin Burnley – lead vocals, guitar, string arrangement
Jasen Rauch – guitar
Keith Wallen – guitar, backing vocals
Aaron Bruch – bass, backing vocals
Shaun Foist – drums, percussion

Rhiannon Burnley – backing vocals on "Dawn"
Dave Eggar – cello on "Ashes of Eden"
Katie Kresek – violin on "Ashes of Eden"

01. Dark 2:10
02. failure 3:46
03. Angels Fall 3:48
04. Breaking the Silence 3:01
05. Hollow 3:20
06. Close to Heaven 4:09
07. Bury Me Alive 3:38
08. Never Again 3:43
09. The Great Divide 4:12
10. Ashes of Eden 4:53
11. Defeated 3:25
12. dawn 3:33

Datum vydání: 23.červen 2015

Lidi okolo
Benjamin Burnley – composer, producer, digital editing, engineer, orchestration
Jasen Rauch – composer on "Dark", "Never Again", "Defeated", and "Dawn"
Keith Wallen – composer on "Never Again"
Dave Eggar – orchestration on "Ashes of Eden"
Chuck Palmer – orchestration on "Ashes of Eden"
John Bender – engineering, digital editing, recording
Dan Korneff – engineering, digital editing
Jim Romano – engineering, digital editing
Ben Grosse – mixing for "Dark", "Breaking the Silence", "Hollow", "Close to Heaven", "Bury Me Alive", "The Great Divide", "Defeated", and "Dawn"
Paul Pavao – additional assistance
Chris Lord-Alge, Keith Armstrong, Nik Harpen – mixing for "Failure", "Angels Fall", "Never Again", and "Ashes of Eden"
Adam Chagnon – additional assistance
Ted Jensen – mastering
Tom Jermann for t42design – art direction and design
Nicole Napier – cover art and interior photography

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Dark Before Dawn, Breaking Benjamin, Hard rock, post-grunge, alternative metal