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Chaos Divine


melodic death metal, progressive metal, death metal


2005, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Chaos Divine


The Human Connection

neuvedeno, 1970


Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Chaos Divine's signature is very much what the name suggests - a blaze of thick riffage with a brick wall-sized sound that at times spirals into hypnotic melodies. Drawing influences from the heavy, progressive and melodic elements of bands such as Opeth, Dream Theater and Soilwork, this quintet forges a unique blend of brutal polyrhythmic metal and ambient contemporary rock.

In just over two years, Chaos Divine has supported or played alongside international acts such as Slayer(USA), Fear Factory (USA), Devil Driver (USA), Static-X (USA), Obituary (USA), Mastodon (USA), Dark Tranquillity (Sweden), and Trivium (USA), as well as leading Australian bands such as Daysend (NSW), Contrive (VIC) and Five Star Prison Cell (VIC).

In mid-2006, the band completed six months worth of work on a debut five-track EP entitled Ratio, and followed the release with an Australian tour in 2007. The EP was voted the second best Australian metal release of 2006 by the listeners of Triple J’s Full Metal Racket program, and the shows presenter, Andrew Haug, voted Ratio his number one Australian metal release.

In late 2008, Chaos Divine released its long-awaited full-length debut album entitled Avalon, recorded at Melbourne’s Sing-Sing Studios. Produced by Melbourne recording and mix engineer Jarrad Hearman, Avalon marks a new era for Chaos Divine, pushing the band’s unique brand of technical, progressive and melodic metal to a new level of refinement.

The album went on to win the West Australian Music (WAM) Industry's 2008 Song of the Year Award in the Heavy Rock/Metal category with the track 'Refuse the Sickness'. Chaos Divine was also among the top-five finalists nominated for the Metal/Hardcore award at the National MusicOz awards held in Sydney and broadcast live to a national television audience, in both 2007 and 2008. Avalon was also voted in the top 10 international metal albums of the year by Triple J.

In 2009, the band was invited to play the Perth leg of the country’s largest annual music festival, The Big Day Out, and received a nomination in the 2009 annual WAM awards. Later that year, Chaos Divine ventured outside of Australian shores for the first time to play a run of European shows including the ProgPower Europe festival in The Netherlands along side acts such as Evergrey (SWE), Andromeda (SWE), Hacride (FRA) and Mercenary (DEN). The band then followed the tour with an appearance and performance at the first annual Australian Metal Awards at The Forum in Sydney, and picked up five awards including best band, best album (Avalon), best song (Refuse the Sickness), best production (Jarrad Hearman – Avalon) and best vocalist (David Anderton).

Avalon is now available from all good record stores around Australia through Firestarter Music & Distribution.

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