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Child Bite


post-punk, art rock


2005, Detroit, Michigan

Současný label:

Housecore Records


Shawn Knight – Vocals, Guitar, Sampler
Sean Clancy - Bass
Brandon Sczomak - Guitar
Jeff Kraus - Drums


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Child Bite




neuvedeno, 2012
Wild Feast

Wild Feast

neuvedeno, 2006
Gold Thriller

Gold Thriller

neuvedeno, 2006


Child Bite is an American post-punk/art rock band formed in 2005 in Detroit, Michigan, currently signed with Joyful Noise Recordings. The band was established by Shawn Knight, the guitarist/vocalist and sole original member through multiple personnel changes in the band.

Child Bite's sound consists of atonal guitar melodies, distorted bass and organ, frequent rhythmic shifts, and frenzied, howling vocals. Earlier recorded material often included additional instruments such as saxophone and violin. Their lyrical content is abstract and metaphorical, often dealing with topics such as fear, paranoia, and despair. Their sound has been described as "enormous and predatory, from the baleful rhythm section to Shawn Knight’s [frightening vocals]." They are self-described and acknowledged by authorities in the genre as having a "horrorshow/slasher-flick" flair, which descriptors apply to their records, their album art and their music videos. Their visual aesthetic is directed by their vocalist, Shawn Knight, who works professionally as a graphic artist.

In the spring of 2013, Child Bite was chosen as the B-Side for the notorious David Yow of Jesus Lizard and Scratch Acid (as well as many other well-known projects). Also appearing in the 2013 Cause & Effect Trilogy, was Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth (paired with Talk Normal), and Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr. (paired with Dumb Numbers).

"Morbid Hits," a collection of Anal Cunt cover songs, was released exclusively as a 5" vinyl record in early 2014 (via Housecore Records). This release featured the band being fronted by Pantera/Down frontman Phil Anselmo.

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