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Power, Thrash, Metalcore


1997, Ceske Budejovice

Současný label:



Jiří B.C. Rajče Kracl - Guitars, Vocals
Paste - Guitar, Vocals
Peter - Drums
Sad - Bass


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CBR, 1970


CBR, 1970


hardcore, metal
neuvedeno, 1970


The band COLP comes from the South of Bohemia from town České Budějovice. It's original starts in autumn 1991 when B.C. Rajce/g, voc and Fido/dr established band COLPORRHAPHIA. Very soon the band was completed with other two members Boogie/g and Jere/bg. Together they recorded two demos "DEATH COITING" and "DISCORD". These records were made in thrash-death style where technicial complication and brutality won on melody and simpler motifs.

Tape EP "THOUGHTS" was released in 1996. Although COLPORRHAPHIA reduced complication, death screams and added more melody they also added more hardness. The texts were concentrated on pessimistic views of the world like depression, pain... These both demo-cassettes and EP gained success with fans and even with critics. On behalf of these materials COLPORRHAPHIA had many concerts in rock-clubs all over the Czech Republic including clubs in Prague like for example Bunkr and Rock Cafe / where they took part in semifinal NEW ROCK GENERATION 97. Positive repercussions started to come also from abroad.

Even this group was not saved from personal changes. New members PASTE and KN 3000 started to play on guitar and percussion. The meaningfull point was year 1997 when the band was starting to play as COLP and recorded first CD "CAN'T ESCAPE" in music studio HACIENDA of Mr.Molos DODO Doležal. This CD was released with their own mark SOUTHERN POWER PRODUCTION. There was COLP introduced as mature band with deep tuned progressive thrash metal with HC. This album was gained with very good criticsm in all big rock and UG magazines. In that time COLP began to cooperate with company DEAD FISH PRODUCTION. This company is operating in Bratislava, they are taking care about all promotion and concerts in Slovakia for example: shared performances with PRO-PAIN, GURD, THE SPUDMONSTERS, CRISIS, KICKBACK. The COLP was accepted by audience with high success and the fans was growing.

The second CD was recorded in June 1999 by company CBR and was named PARALYSIS. For this CD COLP used again studio HACIENDA. Paralysis was played on Czech and Slovak tour together with Polish SWEET NOISE and LOCOMOTIVE from Český Krumlov. Then came playing in clubs and on festivals as example: Dynamo North Power Jam, Nuclear Storm, Open Hell Fest, Hell on Earth /A/.

They were pleased with offer from company Dwell Records from USA to record one composition into Tribute to Testament. They decided to chose song Perilouse Nation. The CD was releasing with name Jump In The Pit and it presents eleven bands from the whole world.

Because of succesful cooperation COLP had opportunity for recording other composition to Tribute for AC/DC. It was in the same year and that time COLP went for hit T.N.T. The CD was named For Those About Rot.

Also there is preparing material for the third CD what will be recorded again in studio HACIENDA.

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