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Control Denied


progressive metal, power metal, heavy metal, death metal, metal


1996–2001, Florida, United States

Současný label:

Relapse Records, Nuclear Blast Records


Final lineup
Chuck Schuldiner - guitar (1996-2001), vocals (1996–1997)
Steve Di Giorgio - bass (1999–2001)
Shannon Hamm - guitar (1996–2001)
Tim Aymar - vocals (1997–2001)
Richard Christy - drums (1997–2001)

Former members
B.C. Richards - vocals (1995)
Chris Williams - drums (1996–1997)
Brian Benson - bass (1996-1997)
Scott Clendenin - bass (1997–1999)


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Control Denied



Control Denied was started by Chuck Schuldiner to create a European-style power metal/progressive metal band, mixed with elements of death metal recognizable in his earlier band Death. The band was first started in 1996 as Schuldiner wanted to create a slightly more melodic style than was possible with Death. The project was interrupted by the recording of a Death album in 1998 but Control Denied's debut was finally released in 1999. A second album, tentatively titled When Machine And Man Collide, was partly recorded, but the demise of Schuldiner in 2001, put the recordings on hold. Remaining band members have expressed a wish to complete and release the material. However, there exists a legal dispute over the rights of the material with Karmageddon Records, further postponing the completion and release. Part of these incomplete recordings were released in the Zero Tolerance two-part compilation of Chuck's b-sides and unreleased tracks.

* The Fragile Art of Existence (1999)

* Chuck Schuldiner [R.I.P.] - Guitar
* Steve DiGiorgio - Bass
* Shannon Hamm - Guitar
* Tim Aymar - Vocals
* Richard Christy - Drums
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