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Daniele Liverani


Instrumental Progressive Metal/Rock


1999, Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna

Současný label:

Lion Music


Anthony Charles Dickinson - Bass
Paco Barillà - Drums
Daniele Liverani - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Marco Zago - Keyboards


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Daniele Liverani


Daily Trauma

Daily Trauma

neuvedeno, 2004


Daniele Liverani is best known as the composer for the trilogy, "Genius": A Rock Opera. All associated tags should be changed to Daniele Liverani.


Starting at age 6 studying classical music and piano, I graduated going trough all the main classical composers.
I self approached then the guitar at 17, applying all the notions I learnt from my prefered composers: Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Debussy to the 6 strings, developing my first guitar project at 19 years, in 1988, called 'ME AND MEE TOO', a very classical influenced work.
HeavyMetal magazine in italy publisched my first review in august 1988...

My second guitar demo project came out in 1989 after a few months , and it was called THE LAST GIFT OF MY TEENS From this demo 2 songs have been taken for the debut album Viewpoint, FATAL SWANS and HOPE.
This one is a more rock project, even if classics are again present. Also this work had good reviews

After performing this two demos through all the local clubs with my band OTHERWAYS, in 1990 I completeed my 3rd demo project, called HOLDING THE SUN OF MY LIFE , a step ahead in experimenting classical stuffs into heavy music. Also this work had good press responses

In 1991 I left the classic influences, experimenting a more progressive style and developing my 4th guitar demo called THE WHEEL OF EMOTIONS , also this reviewed form the section Guitar Hero of HM as s point of referement for italian instrumental music.

In that period I formed a new prog metal band called EXARULE. We played live for a while in various local concerts and record a demo project called AS A RULE.

In 1992 I recorded another demo called LOVING THE HUMAN RACE , that was very near to the sound of fist album VIEWPOINT, a combination of progressive concepts with a more straight and riffy rock sound.

In 1993 I won the 1993 Artist Without frontiers Best guitar player . A contest in ROME with 150 guitar players from all the nation, judged by many of the main giournalist and professional musicians of the sector.
I won a payed stage for attending GIT lessons in Los Angeles.

In 1994 I won the European Musician Home Recording contest and the magazine included a first home recorded version of his song 'NO RESULT ' in a compilation cd with all the winners.

Also in 1994 I starts to learn drums and played it with the band RING ROAD, a Dream Theater/Racer X cover band that performed in the local scene for 1 year.

After having completed the demo songs of VIEWPOINT album in 1995 I got back to Los Angeles to selfproduce it with Joey Vera (ex armored saints, now fates warning) and Ricky Wolking(jennifer batten group) at the bass and Julio Mathis II at the drum. 'Nearly Gold Emotions' was the original title and here's the demo tape cover.

Also in 1995 I rediscoverd the keys starting to work with the young band EMPTY TREMOR .I reached a deal with this prog metal project with Rising Sun(europe) and Fandango(japan).The official first debut album 'Apocolokyntosys' release was in spring 1997.

VIEWPOINT guitar solo album has been finally released from Virtuoso Records in May 1999.

In summer 1998 I met the incredible new talent Dario Ciccioni and started to create some music with him.
In Summer 1999 I recorded the 'Daily Trauma' instrumental album that has still to be released. This album is the mother of Genius Rock Opera concept and it's a sort of first experimentation of its sound...This will be released by Frontiers Records on May 2004 as a bonus release of Genius Trilogy!

Here I played Guitars, bass and Keys.

In spring 2000 Empty Tremor partecipates to VOICES, a tribute Dream Theater released by Adrenaline Records, with a medley of 4 songs taken from Images & Words and A Change Of Season albums.

In May 2000 I released the second album with Empty Tremor group by Elevate/SPV, called EROS AND THANATOS.Great responces from all the international press and cd of the month in some italian magazines!

In October 2002 Frontiers Records released worldwide the first episode 'A Human into dreams' world' of my 'Genius Rock Opera' trilogy.
This trilogy is the evolution of the story and the music that I wrote with Dario Ciccioni for the Daily Traum album. Also here I played Guitar, bass and Keys.

The singers cast included great names like Mark Boals, Daniel Gildenlow, Lana Lane, Chris Boltendahl, Joe Vana, John Wetton, Steve Walsh, Oliver Hartmann, Midnight and Philip Bynoe as Storyteller!

In December 2002 I contributed with my composition 'Meteor' to the Jason Becker tribute album 'Warmth in the wilderness' bol 2 released by Lion Music.
Steve Vai , Marty Friedman, Randy Coven and many more great artist are present too in this great tribute album!

In early 2003 Frontiers Records releases the compilation 'Rock The Bones'.
It's a double cd that includes the songs 'There's a Human' form Genius Rock Opera Episode 1 and 'Who's gonna love you tonight' form my forthcoming album 'Khymera' with Steve Walsh

In April 2003 I released the KHYMERA album with Frontiers Records.This is very straigtht Rock-Aor album that I recorded with the great Steve Walsh of Kansas at the vocals and Dario Ciccioni at the Drums.

Great backing vocals by Joe Vana, Thom Griffin and Billy Greer, aalso here I arranged and recorded Guitar, bass and Keys.

In March 2004 Frontiers Records releases the third Empty Tremor album 'The Alien Inside'. Giovanni De Luigi left and the new singer Oliver Hartmann joins the band and records the new album.

Later in mid 2006 I wll leave this band for following new musical projects and experiences...But I'm still very proud of the 3 albums with EMPTY TREMOR.

Best of luck to the guys of the band for their musical future.

In December 2005 I released the second KHYMERA album titled 'A New Promise', with Frontiers Records.

Still another very straight Rock-Aor album that I recorded/produced with a real band situation this time, including Dennis Ward on vocals and bass, Dario Ciccioni on Drums, Tommy Ermolli on Guitars and me on Keyboards.

In May 2004 Frontiers Records released worldwide the second episode 'In Search Of The Little Prince' of my 'Genius Rock Opera' trilogy.

Great singers in the cast: Russel Allen, Mark Boals, Daniel Gildenlow, Edu Falaschi, Jeff Martin, Roberto Tiranti, Eric martin, Johnny Gioeli, Liv Kristine, Oliver Hartmannn, Philip Bynoe

Also here I arranged and recorded Guitar, bass and Keys.

In February 2007 Frontiers Records released worldwide the third and last episode 'The Final Surprise' of my 'Genius Rock Opera' trilogy.

Great singers in the cast: DC Cooper, Daniel Gildenlow, Eric martin, Jorn Lande, Toby Hitchcock, Andrea Datwayler, Philip Bynoe, Oliver Hartmann

Also here I arranged and recorded Guitar, bass and Keys.

After 3 years of work and research for the right musicians to create my new band called TWINSPIRITS,

finally it turned into reality!

In June 2007 Lion Music/Finalnd released worldwide the first album of this brand new band:

'The Music That Will Heal The World'.

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