Feeding The Beast

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Feeding The Beast Sestava
Graham Bonnet - vocals
Dario Mollo - guitars
Roberto Gualdi - drums
Guido Block - bass and backing vocals
Dario Patti - keyboards and bass

01. You Are Your Money
02. The Flight Of The Sapini
03. C'est La Vie
04. Guys From God
05. Feeding The Beast
06. Eyes Of The World
07. Colder Than Cool
08. Too High To Be Falling
09. Motorbike
10. Since You Been Gone
11. Don't Look Back
12. Coda

Datum vydání: 02.červen 2017

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produkce: Dario Mollo

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Ezoo, Feeding The Beast, Graham Bonnet, Dario Mollo, hard rock, melodic rock