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melodic death metal, brutal death metal, death metal


1993, Décín

Současný label:

Nice To Eat You Records


Vladimir Prokos - Vocals
Michal Filipi - Guitar
Ludek Huzán- Guitar
Vitys - Drums


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Nice To Eat You

Nice To Eat You


Fleshless was founded in 1994 (Děčín, Czech Republic) and their first releases were the "Stench of Rotting Heads" and "Grinding" demos /more than 1000 copies were sold from each demo tape/
Two years later Fleshless’s first split CD / MC with Mastic Scum was released (Ohne Maulkorb Production).About 3000 copies of the split were sold.

The drum machine was a part of the band in their two CDs: Gringod and Abhorrence of Cadaveric.On the 2001 CD,Nice to Eat You, Fleshless finally had a drummer, Vitys.

Fleshless played over 500 gigs in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, Belgium, Malta, USA,South America,Latvia, Serbia.etc.... The first Fleshless tour was entitled "PEDOPHILE PARADISO TOUR ´98" and the band devoured Czech Republic, Slovak republic, Germany, Malta - with such brutal bands as Beheaded (Malta), Resurrected (Germany), Bonehouse (Germany), Fleshcrawl (Germany), Centinex (Sweden) etc.

March/April 1999 - CD Fleshless "Grindgod" released, including the complete demo "Grinding".

April 1999: GRINDGOD OVER USA TOUR '99, about 10 gigs over all USA, also with Lividity,Pessimist, Deaden etc.

In 2000, the CD "Aborrence of Cadaveric" was released. As a bonus there was included the Fleshless part of the split tape with Disfigured and an interactive track was added on the CD as well.

On the Milwaukee Metal Fest (2000) Fleshless visited USA for a second time.

November the 9th. The band flew to Los Angeles and performed in afestival called November to Dismember there. On November the 15th, the band played as a Napalm Death's support back home in the Czech Republic.

October 2001, the new CD "Nice to eat you" was released.

Summer 2002: European Tour with Rotten Sound and Lykathea Aflame.

January/ February 2003: South American Tour in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Rest of the year 2003: many gigs such as the Obscene Extreme festival, many gigs with Haemorrhage, Lividity, Master in Czech republic,Switzerland, Germany, festival in Serbia / Montenegro

October 2003: The „Sensual Death Immitation" album was released.

2004: 2th April-Shows with Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, Kataklysm in Prague on the No Mercy Fest.

European tour with Surgical Dissection and Laniena Mentis in April 2004 /Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic/

Single gigs in Germany, Slovakia, Obscene Extreme festival, Volyne Open Hell, Brutal Assault fest etc...

Fleshless played as a support for: Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Malevolent Creation, Six Feet Under, Hypocrisy, Vader, Samael, Fleshcrawl, Centinex, Dying Fetus...

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