Disgorge Mexico

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Disgorge Mexico Sestava
Topon Das - Guitars, Bass, Noise
Mel Mongeon - Vocals
Mathieu "Vil" Vilandre - Drums, Guitars, Bass

1. No Return 00:32
2. Absence and Despite 02:47
3. Kelowna 01:48
4. As Empires Expand and Collapse 02:18
5. Dead End 01:37
6. Driving Through Fallen Cities 01:04
7. La Culture du Faux 03:07
8. State of Panic 02:32
9. No Place for Failure 03:12
10. The Storm 05:24
11. Apathy Is a Karma Killer 09:20
12. Golden Age 02:42
13. The Pile of Flesh You Carry 02:18
14. Sleepless 04:46
Total: 43:27

Datum vydání: 22.červenec 2008

Lidi okolo
Craig Boychuk - Producer, Mixing, Mastering

The initial tracks for the LP were laid down August 2007 at Liverpool Court Studios in Ottawa with producer Craig Boychuk. The band recorded the vocals in November 2007 at its own home studio. The LP was mixed and mastered by Craig Boychuk in Winnipeg between December 2007 and March 2008.

Disgorge Mexico was created during a 14 day road trip from Gatineau, Canada to the borderlines of Mexico and back. Songs were pieced together from jam tapes that have been collected since the early days of Fuck The Facts, rehearsed and constructed in various basements/stores/warehouses/wherever people were kind enough to let the band use during the trip, and then finally disgorged back onto Canadian soil beginning the summer of 2007.

“We learned a lot, we lost even more and now things will never be the same again”
-Albert Keen, 10.12.07

Drums, guitars & bass recorded August 6th – 17th 2007 @ Liverpool Court Studios (Ottawa, ON). Engineered by Craig Boychuk.

Vocals recorded November 2007 @ The Tower of Self Medication Studio (Nepean, ON). Engineered by Topon Das.

Mixed and Mastered by Craig Boychuk.

Produced by Fuck The Facts & Craig Boychuk.


All music written by Topon Das & Mathieu Vilandré (Writing assistance on tracks 2, 3, 4, 10 & 14 by Steve Chartier, and track 6 by Matt Connell & Tim Audette).

All lyrics written by Mélanie Mongeon
(except 5 by M. Mongeon & T. Das).

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noisegrind, grindcore, death metal, melodic death metal, experimental, noise, stoner, sludge