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Prequelle Sestava
Tobias Forge – vocals (2008–present) aka Cardinal Copia - vocals (2018–present)

Nameless Ghouls – all instrumentalists:
Alchemy fire symbol.svg Fire (formerly also known as Alpha) – lead guitarist and backing vocals
Alchemy water symbol.svg Water – bassist
Alchemy air symbol.svg Wind – keyboardist
Alchemy earth symbol.svg Earth – drummer
Aether symbol.jpg Ether (formerly also known as Omega) – rhythm guitarist and backing vocals

01. Ashes
02. Rats
03. Faith
04. See The Light
05. Miasma
06. Dance Macabre
07. Pro Memoria
08. Witch Image
09. Helvetesfönster
10. Life Eternal

Datum vydání: 01.červen 2018

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recorded at Artery studios (Stockholm) with Tom Dalgety (OPETH, ROYAL BLOOD)
mix at Westlake Studios (West Hollywood, California) by Andy Wallace (NIRVANA, SLAYER)

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Prequelle, Ghost B.C., Ghost, heavy metal, doom metal, hard rock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock