Bloody But Unbowed

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Bloody But Unbowed Sestava
Steve Braun - vocals
Jon Bodan - lead guitars, backing vocals, programming
Max Eve - rhythm guitars
Skyler Moore - bass, backing vocals
Aaron Baumoel - drums

01. Devolutionize
02. Bloody But Unbowed
03. Blame
04. Slaves To Silicon
05. Superpredator
06. Primal Scream
07. Ten Thousand Ways
08. The Church Of Me
09. Cast Another Stone
10. Crowned In Violence
11. Burning The Summit
12. Desolate
+ European edition bonus tracks:
13. Insufferable
14. Stand For Something

Datum vydání: 03.srpen 2018

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recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, Trivium, Bad Wolves, Threat Signal)
artwork from Travis Smith

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Halcyon Way, Bloody But Unbowed, metal, progressive metal