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technical brutal death metal


2003, New Delhi

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Incinerate is a brutal death metal band from USA. They formed in 1998 by Scott Ellingboe (vocals and Guitar), who runs the label Brutal Bands.

The band formed in 1998 by Scott Ellingboe (Guitars/ Vocals also in Dominion) and Jesse Watson (Vocals) who were both experienced musicians in the brutal death metal field with Scott making his sucessful label Brutal Bands. Scott wanted a bassist and drummer to be able to record his songs he wrote in 1998-2000 and this was picked up by Randy Grolemund (Drums) and Mike Presley (Bass, The Body Beneath). They started reharsals and recorded their debut self-titled demo in 2000. This went down well with their loclised touring but the drummer left and was replaced quickly by Tom Olmsted who played live session for the band.

In 2002, Scott embodied the band into his Brutal Bnads label enterprise and released thir debut album "Dissecting the Angels" which was straight forward brutal death metal with raging vocals, blasting and quick tremlo rhythms. The band toured around with the current line up and released an EP in 2004.

As Scott had his label to run and the other two members left the band, he decided to have a break from touring and focus on his priorities for awhile. He still wrote music andJesse still wrote sick lyrics. A year later they came together and decided to incoporate studio session in late 2007 with Darren Cesca (Arsis, Burn In Silence, Embers From Cremation, Goratory, Pillory, Strappado (US), Virulence) doing the honours of recording first of the new samles he had wrote for the written material for their new album. He recorded all the tracks on the 11/12th january 2008 in Jungle Tone Studios. The albumw as started coming together with bassist Erlend Caspersen (Blood Red Throne, The Allseeing I, Dismal Euphony, Mr. Cucumber, Trioxin (Nor), Unspoken names, Decrepit Birth, Vile (US), Deeds of Flesh, Emeth, Apostasy (Nor), Spawn of Possession) coming and filling in the studio session. He recorded his samples in late 2007 to june 2008. When the vocals and guitars parts by Jesse and Scott recorded there on the 19th to the end of June 2008. They got in professional Dave Otero to do mixing and the mastering on their up and coming album in the Flatline Audio studio.

The band released their second album "Anatomize" on the 17th of October 2008 with sickening artwork by Tony Koehl, twisted guitar sounds, heavy guturral vocals and progressing fast solos the album got raving reviews and public interest.

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