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Kevin McCaughey − vocals
Antoine Lussier − guitar
Sebastien Chaput − guitar
Yannick Desgroseillers - bass
Jean-François 'JF' Richard − drums

Cursed (00:53)
You People Are Messed Up (03:30)
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same (02:32)
This Is the Last Time I Repeat Myself (04:36)
No Care Ever (02:55)
After Everything That's Happened, What Did You Expect (01:53)
We Like to Call This One... Fuck Off (04:46)
Can Someone Please Explain This to Me? (02:41)
Disaster in Sight (02:14)
This Is Considered Mere Formality (04:26)
This Feels Like the End... (04:10)
They'll Never Know (07:48)

13 skladeb, 48:34

Datum vydání: 01.září 2010

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Ion Dissonance, deathcore, math metal, mathcore, progressive deathcore