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exprerimental, electronic, trip hop, art rock, avantgarde, ambient


2000, Bergen

Současný label:

Debemur Morti Productions


Trygve Johan Solheim (TJ Cobra) - Vocals (Violent Power, Juicy Jane, Memorized Dreams, Grimskull, Blofeld)
Stian Lćgreid - Guitar (Sigfader, Gaahlskagg, Taake, Livsfarligt, Deathcult (Nor))
John Christian Wie - Guitar (Violent Power)
Tarjei Řvrebotten - Bass (Deathcult (Nor), Sigfader)
Jan Atle Lćgreid - Drums (Sigfader, Taake, Gaahlskagg, Deathcult (Nor))


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electronic, experimental
neuvedeno, 2008


neuvedeno, 2003


Manes started around the end of 92/early 93. It started as a project with Sargatanas on vocals and Cern on guitars, synths, programming etc. – basically everything besides the vocals. With that line-up Manes recorded the three demos „Maanens natt” (93), „Ned i stillheten” (94) and „Til kongens grav de døde vandrer” (95). The two first demos was later re-released by the Hammerheart Records sub-label „Unveiling the Wicked” in 98. In 99 the album „Under ein blodraud maane” was released by Hammerheart Records as well, and it was simply a re-recording of various tracks from the three previous demos. Cern felt the project became more and more of a burden as he had spurs of no motivation, troubles with disease, little or no interest in the growing metal-scene etc.etc. – so, to activate the band again he chose to include a full line-up, Sargatanas left the band, and after a while a contract was signed with the Italian label Code666 - where the second Manes full-length „Vilosophe” was released in 2003. The album was recorded at Skansen Studio in Manes’ hometown Trondheim, and the music was labelled “Neo Avant Metal” by Code666, but the band themselves choose to ignore this rather silly “description”, and simply call the music a dark mix of metal and rock with electronic elements.

Official Website:

01.jan.2008, manes split up, and Cern formed kkoagulaa

There was a second band with name Manes which after one demo evolved into Ved Buens Ende.

the "manes meckenstock - kinner hat dich selfs jemaht" album (listed in the album section), is not this band

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