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Daemon Sestava
Necrobutcher – bass (1984–1991, 1995–present)
Hellhammer – drums, percussion (1988–1993, 1995–present)
Attila Csihar – vocals (1992–1993, 2004–present)
Teloch – guitars (2011–present)
Ghul – guitars (2012–present)

01. The Dying False King
02. Agenda Ignis
03. Bad Blood
04. Malum
05. Falsified And Hated
06. Aeon Daemonium
07. Worthless Abomination Destroyed
08. Daemon Spawn
09. Of Worms And Ruins
10. Invoke The Oath

Datum vydání: 25.říjen 2019

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Production by NBS Audio Studio (a.k.a. Necromorbus Studio) in Söderfors, Sweden - drums and vocals with producer/engineer Tore Stjerna. Newly consecrated Studio A (Stjerna's Stockholm studio will continue to operate as Studio B) in an old church, Hellhammer and Csihar recorded their respective parts for "Daemon". The band then had Ghul record his guitars in the Netherlands, while the bass was engineered by Teloch and performed by Necrobutcher at Lupercal Studio in Oslo, Norway. Teloch took his guitar tracking to SleikBallaMi Studio, also in Oslo. "Daemon" was then brought back to Stjerna for mixing and sent off to Thomas Johansson at The Panic Room for mastering. The whole affair took about three months to nail down.
Artwork: Daniele Valeriani (LUCIFER'S CHILD, DARK FUNERAL)

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Mayhem, black metal, Daemon