Generation Doom

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Generation Doom Sestava
Otep Shamaya – vocals (2000–present)
Ari Mihalopoulos – guitar (2011–present)
Justin Kier – drums (2013–present)
Andrew Barnes – bass (2016–present)

01. Hail To The Thief
02. Halt Right
03. Molotov
04. Said The Snake
05. Undefeated
06. Trigger Warning
07. Cross Contamination
08. Shelter In Place
09. Boss
10. To The Gallows
11. Sirens Calling
12. Invisible People
13. Be Brave
14. Wake Up (cover of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE)
15. Feral Oracle (bonus track)
16. The Tribe Speaks (bonus track)

Datum vydání: 27.červenec 2018

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produkce: Otep a Larry Goetz, Nicolas Schilke a Lizzy Ostro v The Lair (Los Angeles)

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Otep, nu metal, alternative metal, Kult 45