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Perfect Beings


progressive rock


2013, Los Angeles

Současný label:

InsideOut Music


Ryan Hurtgen - vocals, piano
Johannes Luley - guitar, bass
Jesse Nason - keyboards
Sean Reinert - drums (ex-CYNIC, DEATH)


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Perfect Beings



When Chris TRISTRAM wasn't playing bass with SLASH or MARJORIE FAIR, he often thought about going back to his musical roots. On a whim, he filmed himself playing along with 'Roundabout' by YES and posted a video online. Almost 100,000 viewers watched it, including MOTH VELLUM founder Johannes LULEY, who was looking to complete the lineup of his new project PERFECT BEINGS. TRISTRAM's flawless and confident performance instantly convinced LULEY that his search was over.

Half a year earlier, LULEY had approached songwriter Ryan HURTGEN, a fresh transplant from Nashville, about collaborating on a progressive rock project. The two envisioned an album that would honor the style of traditional prog rock, while infusing it with a fresh take on melodic lines and lyrics, and by doing so, catapult the genre into our present time. They loosely based the album on the 2013 sci-fi novel 'Tj and Tosc' by Suhail Rafidi - its themes of transformation, self-identity, technology, and love in a post-apocalyptic world were a perfect fit with the music. Dicki FLISZAR, drummer for BRUCE DICKINSON's band, joined them in the late writing stages.

Once the concept for the album was fully sketched out, the search was on for a keyboard player and a bassist. FLISZAR's former band mate Jesse NASON and the aforementioned TRISTRAM were the undisputed choice. In the spring of 2013 PERFECT BEINGS recorded their debut at LULEY's studio, My Sonic Temple in Los Angeles.

PERFECT BEINGS are all about the interplay of five forces, each bringing their individual styles and talents to the plate, combining them into one big musical feast. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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