Close To The Sun

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Close To The Sun Sestava
Michael Kiske - Lead Vocals, Backing vocals
Dennis Ward - Bass, Backing vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Additional Choirs on "Strong" by Alessandro Del Vecchio
Dennis Ward
Günter Werno - Keyboards
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums

Rhythm Guitars by Uwe Reitenauer on "Welcome To The Edge", "Across The Times", "Close To The Sun", "Hearafter"
Guitar solo by Michael Klein on "Yesterday Is Gone", "Distant Skies", "Strong", "Breathing".
Guitar solo by Uwe Reitenauer on "Close To the Sun"
Guitar solo by Alfred Koffler on "Welcome To The Edge"
Guitar solo by Magnus Karlsson on "Falling Star"
Guitar solo by Gus G. on "Light Beyond The Dark"
Guitar solo by Simone Mularoni on "Hearafter"
Guitar solo by Mandy Meyer on "Helen"
Guitar solo by Kai Hansen on "Riding The Ghost" and "Across The Times"

01. Close To The Sun
02. Welcome To The Edge
03. Hereafter
04. Strong
05. Across The Times
06. Riding The Ghost
07. Light Before The Dark
08. Falling Star
09. Breathing
10. Yesterday Is Gone
11. Helen
12. Distant Skies

Datum vydání: 24.únor 2017

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produkce: Dennis Ward

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Close To The Sun, Place Vendome, power metal, heavy metal, Michael Kiske