Public Enemies

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Public Enemies Sestava
Kristy Majors - Guitar, Background Vocals
Steve Summers - Lead Vocals
JK Famous - Bass, Background Vocals
Jimmy Mess - Drums, Background Vocals

01. S.A.T.A.
02. Feel The Heat
03. High School Queen
04. Girls All Over The World
05. American Dream
06. We Can't Bring Back Yesterday
07. We Got The Power
08. Do Ya Wanna Rock
09. Run For Your Life
10. Shock The World
11. Paint It On
12. 7 Minutes In Heaven
13. Star Chaser
14. So Young So Bad

Datum vydání: 01.prosinec 2017

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Pretty Boy Floyd, Public Enemies, glam metal, hair metal, hard rock, glam rock, sleaze rock