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The God-Shaped Void

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ - The God-Shaped Void

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Devon Graves (aka Buddy Lackey) - vocals, flute (1986-1996, 2010–present)
Dan Rock - guitars, keyboards (1985-1996, 2010–present)
Brian McAlpin - guitars (lead & acoustic) (1985-1996, 2010–present)
Ward Evans - bass (1985-1994, 2010–present)
Norman Leggio - drums (1985-1996, 2010–present)

01. Devils And Angels
02. Stranded
03. Back To Black
04. All The Bad Men
05. The Fallen
06. While The Spiders Spin
07. Pull The String
08. Demystified
9. Season Of The Swarm (Bonus Track)
10. Sisters Of The Dawn
11. In The Silence

Datum vydání: 14.únor 2020

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basic were recorded with engineer Ulrich Wild in the band's hometown of San Diego
rest of the recordings at Studio D (Austria)
mix/mastering by Jens Bogren (OPETH, DEVIN TOWNSEND, FATES WARNING) at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden)
artwork by Travis Smith (KATATONIA, RIVERSIDE, NEVERMORE).

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The God-Shaped Void, Psychotic Waltz, progressive metal