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Return To Innocence


Doom, Death Metal


1998, Mlada Boleslav

Současný label:



Ax - Guitar, Vocals
Orbb - Bass (Lobotomia (Cze))
Hektor - Drums


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Return To Innocence


…in the deep

…in the deep


A brand-new band RETURN TO INNOCENCE has formed up in Mlada Boleslav in spring 1998. The founder of the group, looking for a pursuit there, was and is a singer and guitarist Ales "AX", who comes from the Moravian town of Sumperk. That´s the town of inquisition and mediaeval gaieties, where he was among founders of Dying Passion band, but moved due to work to Mlada Boleslav three years later. In the summer 97, he finds the first two members of the group, namely, the keyboard-player MX and violist MR. REN. Subsequently, there appears bassguitarist Milan "KENNY" and drummer THOMAS, followed by sweet vocals JANE and CHRISTLE. Finally, GULESH the second guitarist joins the group. Along with that, the drummer hardly leaves the band and is replaced by HEKTOR. In this crew the groups begins hard practicising in order to start on the Underground stages. Everything begins on 29th of May in Turnov, since then the group has taken part on over 5 tens of concerts, always with good returns. At the end of November 98. , singer Jane leaves and the band accepts a new one - NADA, leaving after half a year too. Afterwards, the group only works with seven members. At the end of January 2000 comes the second singer PETRA. After recording the debut album Christle retires and VERONIQUE /Confiteor, Monasterial Crypt/ takes her place as a guest during the recording. The style of the band is focused on death/doom with a text shell of mediaeval spirit. Critics class this group into the atmospheric doom-black styke, but it´s everyone´s choice to make his impression. First returns have already come from zins like SPARK, BIG BENG! and UG zins, mostly possitive. At the end of January 2000, RTI have finished its first work called "WHIRLIGIG OF THE WORLD" with 56 minutes of music in 9 songs. This album was recorded in the brand-new studio OPRO in Kosmonosy(Mlada Boleslav) and due to financial problems /5 students in the group/ it took a year with pauses. The band was looking for a publishing agency, which would satisfy fans of good, dark and interesting music. PANDA MUSIC wanted to publish RTI´s first album, but the cooperation with this label wasn´t good, because of Panda´s non-fulfiled promises. Finally RTI´s publisher is the brand new "patronate" - ARCANVS SONITVS. In autumn 2001 Kenny decided to leave the band and SOCOOL came to Return to Innocence to play the bass as a guest. The band continue to play concert with this line-up. SoCool also recorded with RTI the second album " the Deep", which was recorded in studio HOSTIVAR(Prague) in the first half of January 2002. Return to Innocence decided to record in this studio because of its good sound. After the recording, the band started again to play live. RTI found a new bassguitarist KOUGL and so the band can continue in their live playing. Unfortunately Veronique decided to marry and so she left the band so RTI are now trying to find the new female vocalist. We have some adepts yet. In 2003 MX and Mr. Ren decided to leave the band and so the band have to continue without them. But with a little bit techical support, they still play live and so you can see them on stage. Of course, any co-operation with zins, radios, concert organizators is welcome and exchanged. Return to Innocence greets all its fans and supporters of metal music.

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