Vengeance Is... Live

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Vengeance Is... Live Sestava
Scott Oliva - vocals (ex-Wind Wraith, Innerstrength)
Steve ‘Dr. Killdrums’ Wacholz - drums (ex-Savatage/Crimson Glory)
Bryan Holland - guitars (ex-Tokyo Blade)
Paul Kleff - guitars (ex-Metal Church live, FireWolfe)
Russ Pzutto - bass ((Twisted Sister live, Dee Snider)

01. When Darkness Calls
02. Until My Dying Breath
03. FireLord
04. Angel In Black
05. Too Late
06. Bleed For Me
07. New Order
08. Gods Of War
09. Power Of The Night
10. The Price You Pay
11. Race To Obscene
12. Phoenix Rising
13. Vengeance Is Mine
14. Wasted Years
15. Revolution Rising

Datum vydání: 07.prosinec 2018

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Vengeance Is... Live, Reverence, heavy metal, power metal