Light In The Dark

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Light In The Dark Sestava
Jack Blades - bass guitar, backing and lead vocals
Deen Castronovo - lead and backing vocals, drums
Doug Aldrich - guitar

01. Light In The Dark
02. Freedom
03. Ride On
04. I Wouldn't Change A Thing
05. Don's Surrender
06. Take You Down
07. The Storm Inside
08. Can't Run Away From Love
09. Running On The Edge
10. Another Chance
11. Falling Apart
12. Back On My Trail (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)
13. Turn Back Time (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)
14. Here Forever (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)
15. Locked Out Of Paradise (live, bonus track on deluxe edition only)

Bonus DVD contents:

* REVOLUTION SAINTS live at Frontiers Rock Festival ("Back On My Trail," "Turn Back Time," "Here Forever," "Locked Out Of Paradise")
* Making of "Light In The Dark" (documentary)
* "Light In The Dark" (song video)
* "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" (song video)

Datum vydání: 13.říjen 2017

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produkce: Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE, JORN) v Somma Lombardo (Italy) a Jack Blades studio (Washington) a Aldrichovo CasaDala studio (Los Angeles)

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Light In The Dark, Revolution Saints, rock, hard rock