Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion

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Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion Sestava
BigBoss - voice
Igor - bass
AD - guitar
Hanz - guitar
Paul Dread - drums

01. Life Of Demons
02. Osculum Infame
03. Moment Of Fright
04. The Book Of Death
05. Black Iris
06. Moment Of Hope
07. The Key To The Empty Room
08. New Empire
09. Up To The Down
10. Do You Think Is It The End?

Datum vydání: 25.listopad 2016

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obal: Thomas Bruno
produce: Big Boss v Shaark Studio
mix a mastering: Shaark Studio

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Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion, Root, dark metal, epic black metal