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Nation Sestava
Igor Cavalera - Drums
Andreas Kisser - Lead Guitar, Backing vocals
Derrick Green - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Paulo Jr. - Bass

1. "Sepulnation" Igor Cavalera, Derrick Green, Andreas Kisser 4:20
2. "Revolt" Cavalera, Kisser 0:56
3. "Border Wars" Cavalera, Green, Kisser 5:10
4. "One Man Army" Cavalera, Green, Kisser 5:27
5. "Vox Populi" Cavalera, Kisser 3:41
6. "The Ways of Faith" Cavalera, Green, Kisser 4:53
7. "Uma Cura" Cavalera, Green, Kisser 3:14
8. "Who Must Die?" Cavalera, Green, Kisser 2:58
9. "Saga" Cavalera, Kisser 4:37
10. "Tribe to a Nation" (feat. Dr. Israel) Cavalera, Green, Kisser 2:48
11. "Politricks" (feat. Jello Biafra) Jello Biafra, Cavalera, Green, Kisser 4:14
12. "Human Cause" (feat. Jamey Jasta) Cavalera, Kisser 0:57
13. "Reject" Cavalera, Green, Kisser 2:59
14. "Water" Green, Kisser 2:44
15. "Valtio" (feat. Apocalyptica) (instrumental) 3:20

Datum vydání: 20.březen 2001

Lidi okolo
Steve Evetts - Producer
Shepard Fairey - Artwork


Nation is the eighth studio album by the Brazilianmetal band Sepultura, released in 2001 through Roadrunner Records. Nation features guest appearances from artists such as Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta, Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, Ill Niño singer Cristian Machado, Bile frontman Krztoff and Apocalyptica.

According to the official site, a video for "One Man Army" was scheduled to be filmed at the end of August 2001. However, due to a lack of support from Roadrunner Records, the video was never made. Sepultura blamed Roadrunner Records for not promoting the album and left for SPV Records in 2002. As of 2002, Nation sold over 54,000 copies in the U.S.[1]

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