Revolusongs (covers)

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Revolusongs (covers) Sestava
Credits[edit source | editbeta]Andreas Kisser - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Derrick Green - Vocals
Igor Cavalera - Drums, Percussion, Design
Paulo Jr. - Bass

1. "Messiah" (Hellhammer cover) 3:27
2. "Angel" (Massive Attack cover) 5:13
3. "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" (Public Enemy cover) 4:02
4. "Mongoloid" (Devo cover) 2:35
5. "Mountain Song" (Jane's Addiction cover) 3:28
6. "Bullet the Blue Sky" (U2 cover) 4:34
7. "Piranha" (Exodus cover) 3:39
8. "Enter Sandman/Fight Fire with Fire Medley" (Metallica cover) 1:10
9. "Bullet the Blue Sky [video]" (Roorback bonus CD) 4:34

Datum vydání: 04.březen 2003

Lidi okolo
Sabotage - Additional Vocals (3)
Zé Gonzales - Scratching (3), Programming (3), Producer
Maurício Felício - Assistant Engineer
Ronaldo Frige - Technical Assistance
Estevam Romera - Design, Photography
Alan Douches - Mastering
Steve Evetts - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Sepultura - Producer


Revolusongs is an EP of cover songs released by Brazilianheavy metal band Sepultura in 2003 through SPV Records. It was exclusively released in Brazil and Japan.

The EP contains seven cover songs. The cover of U2's "Bullet the Blue Sky" was released as a single, but as a part of their next album, Roorback. Revolusongs was later included as a bonus disc on the digipak and vinyl LP editions of Roorback, minus the final song and video tracks.

The album received good reviews, but due to its limited release, it did not have very good sales, ultimately selling over 15,000 copies.

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