Caustic Attack

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Caustic Attack Sestava
Pete Sandoval - drums
Lee Harrison - guitar
Sam Molina - bass/vocals

01. Turbulence
02. Invasion
03. Conflict And Despair
04. Devastate
05. Crisis
06. Infiltration
07. The Downtrodden
08. Trench Of Corruption
09. Sharp Knives
10. Failed Assassin
11. Caustic Attack
12. Poison Gas Tsunami
13. Terror Cycles
14. Wasteland

Datum vydání: 12.říjen 2018

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produced by Jason Suecof (DEICIDE, ALL THAT REMAINS, KATAKLYSM, BATTLECROSS) at Audiohammer Studios (Sanford, Florida)
cover art of Timbul Cahyono (ROTTING CORPSE, PYREXIA)

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Caustic Attack, Terrorizer, death metal, grindcore