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Thema Eleven

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Thema Eleven



Thema Eleven was a post-hardcore band from Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. They formed in 1996 and called it quits in 2009 with 3/4 of the band continuing under the moniker Mother.

Their last release was a split with Gride to which they contributed a cover of The Man with the Harmonica called "Gaze".
Apart from some other splits they released two full lengths "Choose Your Beast" and "The Great Misanthrope".

Their line-up consisted of: D11 on vocals and 6 strings, M11 on 5 strings, Toasted11 on vocals and 4 strings and Hawro11 with no strings attached.

"Towards desolation, against petit-bourgeois ethics. Crawling on our bellies from the void of nothingness until they choke their last breath."

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