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Uneven Structure


progressive metal, ambient, djent, math metal


2008, Metz

Současný label:

Basick Records


Matthieu Romarin - vokály
Jérôme Colombelli - kytara
Aurélien "WorC" Perreira – kytara, ambient
Igor "Eggeh" Omodei – kytara, produkce
Benoit Friedrich - basa
Christian Schreil – bicí


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Uneven Structure


8 EP

8 EP

math metal, djent
neuvedeno, 2009


Uneven Structure is a band formed in Metz, France in 2008, playing a nuanced blend of progressive metal and ambient music. The culmination of worC (Aurélien Perreira) and Eggeh (Igor Omodei) projects, their style is inspired by Meshuggah’s dysrhythmic structure and muted guitar tones. The EP “8”, the band’s first release, is available as a free download in its entirety from the band’s official website. Their first full-length album, Februus, releases on October 31, 2011.

Consisting of ten main tracks and three additional ambient pieces on a second CD, Februus’ blend of Meshuggah-style rhythms with the atmospherics of Jesu and ambient undertones of Rosetta has garnered much respect from the metal community. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, making the album into a singlular monolithic concept.

Formed after the split of Longchat with Igor Omodei and Benoit Friedrich, they now have the current lineup:

Matthieu Romarin on vocals
Christian Schreil on drums
Benoit Friedrich on bass
Jérôme COLOMBELLI on guitars
Aurélien Perreira on guitars and ambiences
Igor Omodei on guitars and production

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