01. říjen 2008 14:21:28


na japončíky už dopadlo dvd arch enemytyrants of the rising sun: live in japan, evropa bude obšťastněna 07/11 (century media). dvd: main live show: intro / blood on your hands, ravenous, taking back my soul, dead eyes see no future, dark insanity, the day you died, christopher solo, silverwing, night falls fast, daniel solo, burning angel, michael amott solo (incl. "intermezzo liberté"), dead bury their dead, vultures, enemy within, snowbound, shadows and dust, nemesis, we will rise, fields of desolation / outro. ii. the road to japan (interviews / road movie). iii. promo videos: revolution begins (original version), revolution begins (band performance version), i will live again

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