Asking Alexandria - Let It Sleep (video)

režie: Ramon Boutviseth (Dream Theater, Nonpoint, Veil Of Maya)

01. Let It Sleep
02. The Black
03. I Won't Give In
04. Sometimes It Ends
05. The Lost Souls
06. Just A Slave To Rock N Roll
07. Send Me Home
08. We'll Be Okay
09. Here I Am
10. Gone
11. Undivided
12. Circled By The Wolves

Ben Bruce – lead guitar, vocals, keyboards, programming (2008–present)
James Cassells – drums (2008–present)
Cameron Liddell – rhythm and lead guitar (2008–present)
Sam Bettley – bass guitar (2009–present)
Denis Shaforostov – lead vocals (2015–present)

Vydavatel: Sumerian Records