Lyric videa Disturbed, Motörhead, Xandria a Stratovarius

DISTURBED - Fire It Up (Immortalized, 21/08, Reprise Records)

MOTÖRHEAD - Electricity (Bad Magic, 28/08, UDR GmbH)

XANDRIA - Voyage Of The Fallen (Fire & Ashes, EP, 31/07, Napalm Records)

STRATOVARIUS - Shine In The Dark (Eternal, 11/09, earMUSIC)

01. My Eternal Dream
02. Shine In The Dark
03. Rise Above It
04. Lost Without A Trace
05. Feeding The Fire
06. In My Line Of Work
07. Man In The Mirror
08. Few Are Those
09. Fire In Your Eyes
10. Lost Saga

Timo Kotipelto - lead vocals (1994–present)
Jens Johansson - keyboards (1995–present)
Lauri Porra - bass, live backing vocals (2005–present)
Matias Kupiainen - guitars, live backing vocals (2008–present)
Rolf Pilve - drums (2012–present)

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