Madder Mortem - Fallow Season (video)

režie: Truls Aagedal

01. Blood On The Sand
02. If I Could
03. Fallow Season
04. Pitfalls
05. All The Giants Are Dead
06. Returning To The End Of The World
07. Parasites
08. Stones For Eyes
09. The Whole Where Your Heart Belongs
10. Underdogs

Agnete M. Kirkevaag − Vocals (formerly also bass) (1993–present)
BP M. Kirkevaag − Guitars, backing vocals (1993–present)
Richard Wikstrand − Guitars (2014–present)
Tormod Langøien Moseng − Bass guitar (2003–present)
Mads Solås − Drums (1999–present)

Vydavatel: Dark Essence Records