Merrimack představují novou desku prvním singlem

Nová deska blackošů MERRIMACK pojmenovaná Omegaphilia vychází 9. června, my z ní premiérově nabízíme první singl The Falsified Son.

Kapela komentuje: "Our will to create a record that is more rooted in the 90's era of black metal becomes pretty obvious on 'The Falsified Son', which is a straight forward and simple track. Our typical lead guitars, the slightly dissonant end, the addition of a guitar solo, and the mid-tempo middle break make it a strong tune, which has proved to be very well received at our latest live performances. The lyrics deal with the way of life that we have chosen and its consequences – with black metal (which is mentioned in the song) being an immense part of it."

1. Cauterizing Cosmos (6:29)
2. The Falsified Son (4:54)
3. Apophatic Weaponry (6:24)
4. Gutters of Pain (4:03)
5. Sights in the Abysmal Lure (5:21)
6. Cesspool Coronation (7:30)
7. At the Vanguard of Deception (9:07)
Total playing time: 43:48

Perversifier – guitars
Vestal – vocals
A.K. – guitars
Daethorn – bass
Blastum – drums

Aldrahn – vocals on "Cesspool Coronation"
Frater Stephane (NKRT) – rituals on "Cauterizing Cosmos"
The Chorale of Cachan – choire on "At the Vanguard of Deception"

Vydavatel: Season of Mist Records