Mushroomhead - We Are The Truth (video)

tak trochu pocta Evil Dead, host: Jackie Laponza (vocals, UNSAID FATE)

01. Our Apologies
02. How Many Times
03. Devils Be Damned
04. Qwerty
05. Portraits Of The Poor
06. Childlike
07. This Cold Reign
08. We Are The Truth
09. Son Of 7
10. For Your Pleasure
11. Worlds Collide
12. Graveyard Du Jour
13. Out Of My Mind
14. Rumor Has It

Steve "Skinny" Felton - drums, percussion (1993–present)
Jeffrey "Nothing" Hatrix - vocals (1993–present)
Jason "J Mann" Popson - vocals (1993 - 2004, 2013-present)
Tom "Schmotz" Schmitz - keyboards (1993–present)
Rick "ST1TCH" Thomas - turntables, sampler, electronics, (2001–present)
Waylon Reavis - vocals (2004–present)
Tommy "Church" Church - guitars (2012–present)
Ryan "Dr. F" Farrell - bass (2012–present)
Robbie "Roberto Diablo" Godsey - water drums, drum technician (2012 as touring member; 2013–present)

Vydavatel: Megaforce Records