Nové skladby Amaranthe, Audiotopsy a 2x All That Remains

AMARANTHE - Inferno (Helix, 19/10/18, Spinefarm Records)

AUDIOTOPSY - War (The Real Now, 02/11/18, Megaforce Records)

ALL THAT REMAINS - Wasteland a Everything's Wrong (Victim Of The New Disease, 09/11/18, Fearless)

01. Fuck Love
02. Everything’s Wrong
03. Blood I Spill
04. Wasteland
05. Alone In The Darkness
06. Misery In Me
07. Broken
08. Just Tell Me Something (feat. Danny Worsnop)
09. I Meant What I Said
10. Victim Of The New Disease

Philip Labonte - lead vocals
Oli Herbert - lead guitar
Mike Martin - rhythm guitar
Jason Costa - drums
Aaron Patrick - bass, backing vocals

Vydavatel: Fearless Records