Nové skladby Beastö Blancö, Black Stone Cherry a Rival Sons

BLACK STONE CHERRY - My Last Breath (video) (Family Tree, 2018)

♫ RIVAL SONS - Too Bad (video) (Feral Roots, 25/01/19, Low Country Sound/Atlantic Records)

BEASTÖ BLANCÖ - The Seeker (video) (We Are, 24/05/19, Rat Pak Records)

01. The Seeker
02. Solitary Rave
03. Ready To Go
04. Down
05. Perception Of Me
06. Let's Rip
07. Half Life
08. We Got This
09. Follow The Bleed
10. I See You In It
11. Halcyon (bonust track; CD and download versions)

Chuck Garric - Vocals - Guitar
Chris Latham - Guitar
Jan LeGrow - Bass
Sean Sellers - Drums
Calico Cooper - Vocals

Vydavatel: Rat Pak Records