Nové skladby From Ashes To New, Saliva, Cortege a Subliminal Fear

FROM ASHES TO NEW - Lost And Alone (video) (Day One, 26/02, Better Noise Records)

SALIVA - The Loneliest Know (Love, Lies & Therapy, 10/06, Universal Music Enterprises)

♫ Polští death metalisté CORTEGE vydali u Let Them Come Production novou desku Touching the Void (25/03), poslechnout ji lze a objednat na BandCampu.

SUBLIMINAL FEAR - Self Proclaimed Gods (lyric video) (Escape From Leviathan, 13/05, Inverse Records)

01. Phantoms Or Drones (feat. G. Bideau)
02. All Meanings They’ve Torn (feat. L. Mackrory)
03. Nexus
04. Escape From Leviathan
05. Evilution (feat. J. Howard)
06. Living In Another World (Talk Talk Cover)
07. Dark Star Renaissance
08. Self-proclaimed Gods
09. Limitless
10. The Disease Is Human Emotion

Alessio Morella - bass
Carmine Cristallo - vocals
Domenico Murgolo - guitar
Matteo De Bellis - vocals
Ruggiero Lanotte - drums

Botys Beezart (Godyva) - keyboards, samples and programming
Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic, One-Way Mirror)
Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Arkaea)
Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane)

Vydavatel: Inverse Records