Nové skladby In This Moment, Amaranthe a živák Anthrax z Chile

IN THIS MOMENT - Sick Like Me (Black Widow, 18/11, iTunes)

ANTHRAX - A Skeleton In The Closet(Chile On Hell DVD, 16/09)

AMARANTHE - Drop Dead Cynical (Massive Addictive, 21/10, Spinefarm Records)

01. Dynamite
02. Drop Dead Cynical
03. Trinity
04. Massive Addictive
05. Digital World
06. True
07. Unreal
08. Over and Done
09. Danger Zone
10. Skyline
11. An Ordinary Abnormality
12. Exhale

Olof Mörck (NIGHTRAGE, DRAGONLAND) - Guitar, Keyboards
Jake E (ex-DREAM EVIL, DREAMLAND) - Clean Vocals
Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson - Screams
Morten Lowe Sorensen (THE ARCANE ORDER, SUBMISSION) - Drums
Johan Andreassen (ex-ENGEL) - Bass
Elize Ryd - Female Vocals

Vydavatel: Spinefarm Records