Nové skladby Motionless In White, The Obsessed a The Doomsday Kingdom

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE - Loud (Fuck It), deska Graveyard Shift vyjde na jaře.

THE OBSESSED - Punk Crusher (Sacred, 07/04/17, Relapse Records)

THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM - Hand Of Hell (lyric video) (The Doomsday Kingdom, 07/04/17, Nuclear Blast)

01. Silent Kingdom
02. Never Machine
03. A Spoonful Of Darkness
04. See You Tomorrow
05. The Sceptre
06. Hand Of Hell
07. The Silence
08. The God Particle

Leif Edling - bass, vocals
Niklas "Viper" Stålvind - vocals (WOLF)
Marcus Jidell - acoustic guitar
Andreas "Habo" Johansson - drums (NARNIA)

Vydavatel: Nuclear Blast Records