Nové skladby Mr. Big, Foo Fighters a Adrenaline Mob

Dave Grohl a jeho stadionoví rockeři FOO FIGHTERS vydali po dvou letech také novou skladbu, jmenuje se Run.

ADRENALINE MOB - Lords Of Thunder (We The People, 02/06/16, Century Media)

MR. BIG - Mean To Me (Defying Gravity, 07/07/17, Frontiers Music Srl)

01. Open Your Eyes
02. Defying Gravity
03. Everybody Needs a Little Trouble
04. Damn I'm In Love Again
05. Mean To Me
06. Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)
07. Forever And Back
08. She's All Coming Back To Me Now
09. 1992
10. Nothing At All
11. Be Kind

Eric Martin – lead vocals (1988–2002, 2009–present)
Billy Sheehan – bass, backing vocals (1988–2002, 2009–present)
Pat Torpey – drums, backing vocals (1988–2002, 2009–present)
Paul Gilbert – guitar, backing vocals (1988–1997, 2009–present)
Matt Starr - drums

Vydavatel: Frontiers Records