Nové skladby Overkill, Dark Sarah a Deranged

OVERKILL - Our Finest Hour (lyric video) (The Grinding Wheel, 2017)

DARK SARAH - Aquarium (feat. Charlotte Wessels) (lyric video) (The Puzzle, 18/11, Inner Wound Recordings)

DERANGED - Shivers Down Your Broken Spine (Struck By A Murderous Siege, 28/10, Agonia Records) (Decibel Magazine)

01. The Frail Illusion Of Osteology
02. Hello From The Gutters
03. Reverent Decomposition
04. Shivers Down Your Broken Spine
05. Cold Icy Hands
06. Struck By A Murderous Siege
07. Toy Box Torture Chamber
08. Undead Instrument By Grim Ascendancy

Thomas Ahlgren (guitar)
Rikard Wermén (drums)
Andreas Johansson (bass)
Anders Johansson (vocals)

Vydavatel: Agonia Records