Nové skladby Sear Bliss, Bullet For My Valentine a Repentance

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Letting You Go (Gravity, 29/06/18, Search And Destroy / Spinefarm)

♫ A další skladbu vydali i REPENTANCE (Shaun Glass, Robby J. Fonts) - Born To Choose.

SEAR BLISS - Shroud (lyric video) (Letters From The Edge, 07/2018, Hammerheart Records)

01. Crossing The Frozen River
02. Forbidden Doors
03. Seven Springs
04. A Mirror In The Forest
05. Abandoned Peaks
06. Haven
07. The Main Divide
08. Leaving Forever Land
09. At The Banks Of Lethe
10. Shroud

András Nagy – vocals, bass, synthezator (1993–present)
Zoltán Vigh – guitars (2013–present)
Gyula Csejtei – drums (2013–present)
Zoltán Pál – trombone (2000–2009, 2013–present)
Attila Kovács – guitars (2008–2009, 2016–present)

Vydavatel: Hammerheart Records