Nové skladby Serenity, Criminal, Ragnarok a Rob Zombie

ROB ZOMBIE streamuje první singl Well, Everybody's Fucking In A U.F.O. z desky The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser (29/04, UMe/T-Boy Records).
SERENITY - Spirit In The Flesh (Codex Atlanticus, 29/01, Napalm Records)

CRIMINAL - Down Driven (Fear Itself, 11/03, Metal Blade Records)

RAGNAROK - Psychopathology (Psychopathology, 25/03, Agonia Records)

01. Dominance and Submission
02. I Hate
03. Psychopathology
04. My Creator
05. Infernal Majesty
06. Heretic
07. Into The Abyss
08. The Eighth Of The Seven Plagues
09. Lies
10. Blood
11. Where Dreams Come To Die

Jontho - Vocals
DezeptiCunt - bass
Bolverk - Guitar
Malignant - Drums (Dauden)

Vydavatel: Agonia Records