Nové skladby Starbreaker, The Three Tremors a Jetboy

JETBOY - Brokenhearted Daydream (video) (Born To Fly, 25/01/19, Frontiers Music Srl)

THE THREE TREMORS (Tim Owens, Sean Peck, Harry Conklin) - Wrath Of Asgard (video) (The Three Tremors, 18/01/19), režie: Rich Varville (RSVP Films)

STARBREAKER (Tony Harnell, Magnus Karlsson) - Wild Butterflies (lyric video) (Dysphoria, 25/01/19, Frontiers Music Srl)

01. Pure Evil
02. Wild Butterflies
03. Last December
04. How Many More Goodbyes
05. Beautiful One
06. Dysphoria
07. My Heart Belongs To You
08. Fire Away
09. Bright Star Blind Me
10. Starbreaker

Tony Harnell - vocals
Magnus Karlsson - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Jonni Lightfoot - bass
Anders Köllerfors - drums

Vydavatel: Frontiers Records